An Enterprise Leader in the Delivery of Strategic Technology Solutions

Outdated software often holds back organizational advancements due to inadequate capabilities and increasing maintenance costs.

A large portion of many IT budgets is delegated to software maintenance, leaving development by the wayside.

Crossroads Software Transformation Consulting removes these limitations, enhancing the ability to adapt to new technologies and gaining your business a critical competitive advantage.

Our application integration engagements provide an unbiased, forward-thinking approach to developing an integration architecture designed to address your current and future business goals. We develop and execute an integration strategy, while leveraging best-of-breed technologies and proven methodologies to optimize your business process, application, data, and infrastructure services.

Business Process Integration Consulting accelerates enterprise transformation across your organization's ecosystem of processes, applications data, and Internet of Things (IoT). Our focus ranges across recasting applications as consumable web services, enabling business process orchestration, and populating service blueprints to coordinate application cloud provisioning.

Our engagements provide the full lifecycle of capabilities, starting with the generation of business-relevant information and content. We provide a comprehensive outline that combines Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Business Process Management (BPM), Customer Experience Management (CEM), and Business Intelligence (BI).

We provide a complete framework of content management, communication, and automated workflow. We also ensure this solution addresses compliance in regard to legal and regulatory requirements on content management and archiving.

We align our technology-enabled software transformation to deliver a zero-gap solution that minimizes expenses, allows for the reallocation of equitable resources, and provides a visible ROI.