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Internet of Things (IoT) has had significant impacts on the role of Facilities Management.

Smart functions throughout buildings, as well as the need to maintain compliance regulations for physical structures, are continuously evolving. Facilities managers must now encompass many different skills to successfully perform their role.

The introduction of smart buildings is allowing for facilities managers to make more informed decisions for cost reduction. Big Data analytics are providing intelligent insights into maintaining buildings in the most cost effective manner, using continuous and real-time information from their energy management systems.

Connected buildings are also allowing for facilities managers to control building functions remotely, eliminating the need to enter the building to adjust the temperature, or even arm alarm systems.

Certain regulatory compliance issues are also affecting facility maintenance managers; they must advance their technology in order to remain compliant. There are numerous security measures that must be implemented and followed in a business’s physical construct in order to satisfy regulations of many industries.

Technology is changing the world of facilities, it is critical to optimize the benefits of IoT and Big Data in order to maximize ROI and reduce operating expenditures.