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The utility industry is crucial for our day-to-day functioning, and is on the brink of a global change. 

Utility companies need to keep up with current trends in order to maintain an innovative business model that allows for growth.

Car manufacturers are promising cheaper and more readily available electric cars for the masses. Utility companies need to maintain grid systems that can supply this new demand. This requirement also necessitates software that allows for full control, fast responses, and optimal performance of the grid.

Many businesses are already utilizing cloud-based applications, as well as newer technological advancements such as smart meters, storage batteries, and solar panels. IoT connects these devices to the grid and, subsequently, to the consumer.

Utility companies have the unique advantage of being able to analyze the large amounts of data being collected through these smart grid practices. Through examination and utilization of this research, Crossroads is able to customize a solution that will optimize grid performance and customer experiences.

By migrating to the cloud, utility companies are able to save resources that they would otherwise spend on upgrading their legacy systems internally. By relying on Crossroads, businesses can focus their attention on managing the grid and their customer relationships.