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Energy technology is evolving.

The energy industry is made up of companies who produce oil, natural gas, coal, and renewable fuels, along with electricity from clean sources like wind, solar, and nuclear power. Global conditions and strict regulations continue to challenge this market.

The energy industry is beginning to transition towards more renewable energy sources. This shift creates opportunities as well as obstacles for the security of the global energy infrastructure. Adding renewables to the mix has created a more diversified energy portfolio. This sector is growing rapidly, expected to double in the next decade. Along with this exciting transition come new challenges that are going to change the business models of utility companies and inspire new regulatory policies.

With the advancements of technology have come more intelligent energy grid systems; however, these have also introduced vulnerabilities for cyberattacks. This industry is becoming so interconnected that an attack in one division could have a trickle-down effect, disrupting global energy markets and prices.

One of the difficulties faced in the energy market is the largely accepted perception, especially in gas and oil sectors, that cybersecurity is only a matter of importance for IT departments. An understanding that vulnerabilities can be exposed through employee emails or access to classified competitive data is necessary to ensure optimal cybersecurity throughout the entire industry.

The oil and gas industry is at an intersection in today’s market. There has been a reduction in demand, leaving companies with the challenge of optimizing their current production. As in all industries today, they need to do more with less, be more efficient and more innovative to keep up with the changing market.

At Crossroads we work with energy companies to overcome these challenges and bring together a collection of innovative solutions in areas such as analytics, cloud, cybersecurity, and datacenter management.