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Independent Software Vendors have had to transform their business operations amid the changing technological climate. 

ISVs have found that a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution is a requirement for their success.

Most solutions available only address logistical physical network requirements. However, a true SaaS model provides a zero-gap solution, which also handles network communications, database availability, archive operations, application redundancy, security, and infrastructure management.

These items can consume a significant amount of resources, which would otherwise be allocated to core company objectives, such as development and customer service. Many ISVs are moving to SaaS business solutions to save time and increase productivity. This switch provides the competitive edge of increased reliable uptime and secure managed cloud hosting.

Independent software vendors are under pressure to choose the right cloud platform to host their applications. To maintain growth and profitability, ISVs need to migrate their business strategies to allow for on-demand usage, keeping dropout rates low and renewal rates high.