An Enterprise Leader in the Delivery of Strategic Technology Solutions

Keeping track of the business and financial data vital to your success.

Business and Finance Enterprise Applications provide tracking, analyzing, and reporting of your operational and financial posture. These software solutions prevent costly mistakes that result from outdated, inaccurate, or irrelevant data.

These programs afford executive leadership real-time reporting that compiles straightforward, hard data, allowing for the control of expenditures and profit margins. Simplify the billing process, minimize accounting errors, optimize our finance department, and rapidly streamline valuable data to your CFO.

At Crossroads, we utilize best-of-breed technologies in order to align the right solution with your unique business needs. We provide the implementation, support, and customization of many Business and Finance Solutions, including but not limited to:

These Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions have the fluidity needed to continually adapt to the many evolving regulations enforced upon businesses. We ensure uninterrupted performance, provided at a fixed monthly cost and financially backed by a 100% Service Level Agreement.

We identify inefficiencies and transform them into competitive strengths that exceed business objectives. Receive a zero-gap solution that minimizes expenses, allows for the reallocation of equitable resources, and provides a visible ROI.