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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications allow for organizations to optimize the management of their business and automate many technical functions involving their services and human resources.

This solution changes depending upon the size and unique industry needs of your organization. Today, an ERP solution is expected to include product planning, development, manufacturing, and sales and marketing, all in one location for easy access.

Larger organizations require dedicated teams who analyze, customize, and handle upgrades and deployment of their enterprise ERP application. For small and mid-sized companies, a more lightweight business management software is required to cut the costs of the traditional ERP solution.

There is plenty of ERP software available to your company; finding the right fit is crucial to maintaining a competitive advantage.

Just a few of the ERP solutions that Crossroads implements and supports include:

Crossroads’ expertise in finance, management control, and ERP software is the solution that many of our customers have found to be vital when evolving their financial and management processes. We can support your organization in identifying the best ERP fit for your business and achieve a successful design and implementation.

Crossroads is dedicated to delivering a zero-gap solution that minimizes expenses, allows for the reallocation of equitable resources, and provides a visible ROI.