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Virtualizing server environments is a cost-effective technique that optimizes your infrastructure by maximizing available resources.

Organizations have used virtualization to reduce compute waste, allow for dynamic and responsive resource allocation, and improve business flexibility.

Effective Virtualization requires time and expertise to deploy in a current environment. Many internal infrastructures are fragmented due to a lack of initial clear strategic vision. With no critical integrations with the rest of the environment, many elements are bolted on for singular tasks, creating a wasteful and expensive environment. A typical infrastructure contains large numbers of servers with a majority sitting idle due to the workload distribution underutilizing their full capacity. These weakened environments require large amounts of power, maintenance, and cooling.

Take control of your existing server environments and optimize the usage of your infrastructure through Crossroads Virtualization. This solution allows for automation and orchestration of processes as well as workflows while eliminating risk of human error.

We offer a Virtualization that is customized to your organization’s needs and future growth. Our solution includes migration, optimizing hardware usage and performance, and identifying consolidation opportunities within your infrastructure. We increase resource utilization by partitioning physical servers into multiple virtual servers, each running its own operating system and applications. This virtualization expands the capacity of every single physical machine to its fullest potential.

The benefits of Infrastructure Virtualization include:

  • Decreased Number of Physical Servers
  • Efficient Power and Cooling Utilization
  • Reduced Maintenance
  • Rapid Deployment of Virtual Servers
  • Easily Migrate Workloads Without Additional Costs
  • Increased Isolation and Security