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Technical innovation is transforming the Chemical and Petroleum Industry.

Chemical and Petroleum is a three billion dollar industry that is made up of four divisions: Basic Chemicals, Life Sciences, Special Chemicals, and Consumer Products.

Crossroads understands the need to drive innovation while lowering costs. We are here to design, migrate, support, and synchronize your operations. The chemical industry has seen significant growth in recent years. With growth comes new challenges, which include mitigating costs, entering new markets, supply chain distributions, and improving profit margins. Technology is key to enabling these business processes, building speed, and providing security.

There is also the need to maximize utilization of technology. It currently serves the purpose of reducing costs, but is becoming steadily more valuable than that. Chemical companies are especially concerned about protecting intellectual property and securing data. Therefore, it is vital to have an overall security strategy to protect your assets. Our goal here at Crossroads is to ensure that all potential threats have been identified and neutralized.

We understand that in the chemical industry it is often necessary for businesses to work with third party companies to transport their product. This presents concerns about where their product is or if it has arrived safely. Through technology, we can help you manage your business partners using structured and effective methods.

One tool that has shown clear value as a business enabler is the cloud. We use our proven methodologies and expertise to empower companies to harness this resource and provide an overall optimized framework for operations. IT is an integral part of many business processes, and we are here to provide the tools necessary to make those processes seamless.